Troubled! Revealing the clip "Messi", ignoring the tactics "Sarabiia" during the break

30 Jun

The drama became an issue when the clip of the striker Lionel Messi with the talented striker Adi Zarabi, the team manager, refused to talk during the break in Barcelona. Lona only managed to tie up with Celta Vigo 2-2 on Saturday night, June 27,

in the clip said that The captain of the team refused to listen to the tactics that Ader Sarabi, the assistant manager of the team, was telling the players about the plan. By going to pick up drinking water and then walk away from the group without any indifference.

In addition, Marga, the media also revealed that after the game The talented 33-year-old is not happy with the team's playing system to the point of having an argument with Kigue Seian who changed Luis Suarez, causing the team to be rivaled at the end of the game 2-2 and Finally dropped from the crowd

In the ensuing days, Kigeta Setian agreed to open up and talk about this point that "In life It's normal for people to always argue. It is very common. "

" But what we have to try is to convince everyone to have a common opinion. I understand that it's normal. We still have good discussions with each other. And I did not pay attention to it, "said the Barca said

for the situation of Barcelona now, dropped to No. 2 in the table with the points behind Real Madrid crowd on two points and left. Competitive program during the last 6 curves 

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